My Professional Trading Journey Started Today

If you’ve read my previous stories, you know I left my full time $140k annual income job back in Brooklyn, NY in June 2019 to travel the world.

I bought a car and started traveling from Arizona to Argentina for almost 2 years now at the time of writing this. With covid, I settled down in Cancun and am living here until things improve.

I took a huge chance and started dabbling in other areas that interested me on the road.

One of those things was trading and investing in the stock market more than I previously did. It turned out I generated over 4.5 times more money in one year without a job than I did with a job.

It’s not something for me to brag about, but if I learned one thing on my trip is that money doesn’t solve any problems, it doesn’t make you better than anyone, and it doesn’t buy you happiness.

In fact, I live like I don't have any money and that is the most important lesson I will instill in my kids the same way my father did. And I want to teach others who have the patience and drive to do the same.

I spent the past year and a half living off my rental income from my Airbnb property I bought in Brooklyn before I had left on this journey when I was 28 years old. I budget each month and take the additional revenue and tend to throw it into the market when I can.

It’s been a wild ride from losing a TON of money on call options in 30 seconds, to making it all back over a few days/weeks. I have learned a lot about the stock market but now I want to take it to the next level and document my journey.

I have read many books, dive deep into forums and discord groups around trading, and watch as many YouTube videos I can to keep learning.

I want to document my travel journey, Airbnb journey, and trading journey on various platforms.

My three roommates and I are going to begin building out a platform on Google Sheets and use StockDweebs on YouTube as a benchmark to begin trading using Elliot Wave Theory with EMA, 200 MA, and RSI as confluence among other things.

We are going to start using the paper account within Interactive Brokers to get started.

I have about a year’s worth of trading experience with my buddy Daniel from Salt Lake City, but it’s time to get serious and build a team.

We plan to get on a set schedule and start live streaming our learning journey, trading journey, and everything in between.

If any of you have Excel knowledge it would be cool to work with you and feel free to shoot me a message.

If you know anyone else interested in learning more feel free to join my private Facebook Group. I’m down to work with everyone who is interested.

Here is the first video today I recorded.



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Nickalas D'Urso

Nickalas D'Urso

Left my 6 Figure job to drive from the USA to Argentina. I teach people how to make side money through real estate. I love to build income with funnels online